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Ethical Management

Chapter 12 General Rules

  • Article 1 [Purpose]

    This provision aims to set the ethical judgment and standards of conduct so that employees can make the right decisions in the process of efficient practice of the company's ethical management.

  • Article 2 [Scope of Application]

    This shall apply to all interested parties at the company, including the company, its employees, stakeholders, investors, customers, and partner companies, and they shall not be provided any money and other valuables, and benefits, such as reception, and convenience from the interested parties.

  • Article 3 [Definitions of Terms]

    1. Interested Parties : Employees, customers, and partner companies whose task performance may directly or indirectly affect the company' rights or interests

    2. Money and Valuables : Economic interests such as money (cash, gift certificates and other vouchers, etc.) and goods

    3. Reception : Dining, drinking party, golf, and the use of other facilities, etc.

    4. Convenience : Benefits such as transportation, accommodations, tourism, and event support, etc.

Chapter 2 Ethics of Respect for Employees

  • Article 4 [Respect for Employees]

    The company shall treat individual employees as dignified and independent personalities and make efforts to create working atmosphere in which all employees can feel pride and pleasure for their work.

  • Article 5 [Fair Treatment]

    1. The company shall give employees equal opportunities for education and promotion, etc. and assess and compensate their achievements and accomplishments, applying fair standards.

    2. The company shall not unfairly discriminate them according to their sex, educational background, school ties, regional ties, age, blood ties, religion, physical disability, marital status, and nationality, etc.

  • Article 6 [Improvement of the Quality of Employees' Life]

    1. The company shall make the best effort for creating a safe working environment so that the employees can work comfortably and safely.

    2. The company shall make efforts to make regular checkups, conduct safety education, and develop disease prevention activities for promoting the employees' health promotion.

  • Article 7 [Developing Human Resources and Securing Autonomous Expression of Opinions]

    1. The company shall have necessary systems so that the employees can grow up as autonomous and creative talent and make efforts to support their self-development.

    2. The company shall secure autonomous expressions so that the employees can freely make suggestions and proposals and express difficulties.

Cyber Report Center

  • Operation Guidelines

    - The company secures the confidentiality of the applicants' personal information and report contents, etc. and promises to do its best so that there will not be any disadvantages to them.

    - The applicant may report in real name or anonymously, and we inform that the related incident shall not be investigated unless objective evidence materials are submitted.

What to Report and Notify

  • Employees' embezzlement of public money

  • Reception of entertainment present, money and valuables

  • Sexually humiliating behavior in the workplace

    Sexual harassment or sexual assault, etc.
  • Acts of power abuse and bullying in the workplace

  • Other acts that violate ethical management

  • How to Report

    TEL : +82-55-584-9181

    FAX : +82-55-584-9187

    E-mail : dgkang@cenotec.com

    Receipt by Mail : CENOTEC Co., Ltd. Management Support Headquarters, 1256-40, Hamma-daero, Gaya-eup, Haman-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do